Facial  Scanning

A cutting-edge facial scanning

service for VFX and Games.

What is LightStage?

LightStage is a cutting-edge facial scanning technology that allows for the digital capture of the human face with unparalleled fidelity and scientific accuracy. LightStage efficiently captures how a subject’s face appears when lit from every possible lighting direction. From this captured imagery, specialized algorithms create realistic virtual renditions of the subject in the illumination of any location or set, faithfully reproducing the color, texture, shine, shading, and translucency of the subject’s skin.

The technology behind LightStage is based on original research by Paul Debevec and Tim Hawkins at the USC Institute for Creative Technologies. In 2008, OTOY licensed the technology for commercial use and opened a LightStage capture facility in Burbank, CA. In addition to this permanent capture facility, OTOY engineered and currently operates a mobile version of the LightStage, enabling facial scanning on-set and on-site.