OTOY provides GPU-based software solutions that aid in the creation and delivery of cutting-edge digital content. From capture to render to stream, we bring you an integrated pipeline for making and distributing 3D content.

Cutting-edge scanning technology that digitally captures the human face with unparalleled scientific accuracy.

The fastest GPU-based, unbiased renderer. Create works in a fraction of the time of traditional methods.

Real-time, GPU-based path tracing for videos games and more. Brigade is our fastest rendering engine yet.

A cloud-based pipeline for creating, rendering and delivering holographic media to virtual reality.

Run Windows desktop applications in the cloud, enabling users to access them on any internet-connected device.

Next-generation video codec designed to fulfill the requirements for low-latency real-time video streaming.

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Making VR web browsing better: OTOY and Samsung match your environment to the site you’re visiting, allow you to customize your experience

OTOY and Samsung Electronics today unveiled a new way for brands to be a part of the VR revolution, and for people everywhere to better enjoy their browsing experiences in VR. At Samsung’s Unpacked press events around the world, the two companies revealed an improved browsing experience in Samsung Internet for Gear VR that allows web pages to specify VR environments that appear around the browser, or for users to choose their favorite VR vistas to enhance their browsing experiences.

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