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OTOY Inc. is the definitive cloud graphics company, pioneering technology that is redefining content creation and delivery for media and entertainment organizations around the world. OTOY’s Academy Award®-winning technology is used by leading visual effects studios, artists, animators, designers, architects, and engineers, providing unprecedented creative freedom, new levels of realism, and new economics in content creation and distribution powered by the cloud.

OTOY was founded in 2008 by Jules Urbach (Founder & CEO) and Malcolm Taylor (Co-Founder & CTO). Since then, the company has grown to over 60 employees across four offices with headquarters in Downtown Los Angeles, CA.

OTOY has some notable investors and advisers. Major investors include Autodesk and Yuri Milner. Advisers include Eric Schmidt of Google, Brendan Eich of Mozilla, Sam Palmisano of IBM and Ariel Emanuel of Endeavor.

Six years ago, I predicted that 90% of computing would eventually reside in the web-based cloud. OTOY has created a remarkable technology which moves that last 10% – high-end graphics processing – to the cloud. This is a disruptive and important achievement. It marks the tipping point where the web replaces the PC as the dominant computing platform.

advisory-imageDr. Eric Schmidt

Executive Chairman, Google Inc. & OTOY Advisory Board Member

About the Founder

Jules Urbach
Founder, CEO and Chairman

Jules sets the strategic direction and vision for the company, and is the chief architect of OTOY’s technology roadmap. Prior to OTOY, Jules created the web’s first 3D video game platform and licensed the software to Macromedia, Disney, Warner Brothers, Nickelodeon, Microsoft, Hasbro and AT&T. Hailed by technology writer George Gilder as “the most inventive software engineer he has ever met,” Jules has been featured in numerous publications including Forbes, CNN Money, and All Things Digital.

“This is Tony Stark stuff, coming at us super-fast.”

Brendan_EichBrendan Eich

Co-founder, Mozilla & OTOY Advisory Board Member

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