Highlighted Features


Brigade uses NVIDIA and AMD hardware to perform path tracing on the GPU. All rendering kernels are fine-tuned to give maximum performance. This fine-tuning, and the custom scene-graph optimizations, allow us to bring real-time path tracing to video games.


Instancing is one of the most powerful features of Brigade. It allows you to instance any kind of mesh (trees, grass, cars, people, etc) without any noticeable performance hit. Each instance is the same loss as rendering one single triangle!


Brigade uses a specific custom acceleration structure that can create multi-million, or even billion, polygon scenes. Brigade also supports animation for bones (with skinning), cameras, objects & more using COLLADA files.

Post Processing

Brigade offers a rich post-effect pipeline including high-quality bloom, white balance, color grading, saturation / contrast, bleach bypass, noise reduction filters and more.


Brigade supports HDRI lighting and contains a customizable physical sky. HDRIs can cast soft shadows if they contain any bright light source. The physical sky is doing atmospheric scattering depending on multiple factors like the sun position.


Any material is possible using Brigade's flexible material pipeline. Using a complex BRDF, Brigade is capable of creating any kind of material by utilizing a “mega-material.” You can also change the IOR, glossiness and the reflection of the material in real-time.


Path Tracing

  • Extremely FAST GPU path tracer
  • Ray-traced global illumination
  • Accurate reflections / refractions
  • Unlimited soft shadows


  • Rich post processing pipeline
  • Physical bokeh depth of field
  • Accurate simulation of the lens
  • Camera film response


  • Physically-based materials
  • Unlimited textures
  • Perfectly specular (mirrors) and glossy reflections
  • Light emitters


  • Skinned animations support
  • High-poly animation support
  • Instancing with unique attributes
  • Infinite number of polygons