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OctaneRender Cloud

ORC™ is an on-demand cloud rendering solution capable of rendering projects in a fraction of the normal time. You can manage your job from anywhere: home, work, or mobile.

  • Service offers high speed storage in addition to rendering
  • ORC securely stores scenes by encrypting each file during the upload process
  • Once jobs are finished rendering, they can be automatically shared through the service, enabling teams to have access to their renders as soon as they are done.
  • Users will be able to specify the version of OctaneRender they want to render their job with, allowing them to ensure their cloud renders are identical to their local renders.
  • The cost of ORC jobs depends on your scene’s OctaneBench® score. Easily estimate the cost before you launch your render by determining your scene’s OctaneBench. Please visit OctaneBench® to learn more.
  • RNDR™ tokens can be used to pay for jobs on ORC. Click here for information on the upcoming Render Network.