Next-gen Video Codec

Designed from the ground-up

for low-latency streaming.


OTOY’s suite of .MP5 software, tools and cloud services, launched in 2015 with support for Facebook and Samsung VR and AR browsers, is designed to fulfill the requirements for low-latency real-time 3D asset streaming, distillation, compression and interchange of 3D immersive media across a broad range of devices with the highest fidelity possible. It ingests, transcodes and exports media using the open source Immersive Technologies Media Format (ITMF) specification for 3D scenes composed of meshes, volumes, generative procedural geometry, light fields, physics/forces and scriptable interactive elements.

The .MP5 streaming and cloud service stack is integrated in ORC and the Render Network, with client side support on desktop, mobile and web endpoints supported through libITMF (JavaScript/WASM), OBRX Media Player, Octane X, OctaneRender standalone and Octane DCC plug-ins (including Unity, Unreal and Blender). The .MP5 cloud service complements core offline cloud rendering work supported on the Render Network (such as light field baking), with automatic transcoding, caching and streaming of ITMF scene graphs and light field data across multiple distillation outputs from mixed reality AR/VR devices to next generation volumetric, holographic, and light field displays.