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What is X.IO?

X.IO® Cloud Service runs Windows desktop applications in the cloud, enabling users to access them on any internet-connected device. The service connects to existing cloud storage accounts, like Dropbox and Google Drive, allowing seamless viewing and editing of any user files. X.IO does this without requiring any special application changes, running original applications unmodified across global data centers.

Launching an app hosted on X.IO is as simple as pasting a single line of code into your website and clicking a button. After clicking, cloud resources are dynamically allocated, a virtual session is setup and a secure tunnel is created between the user, session and optionally their cloud storage accounts. Once the secure tunnel is established, the user can interact with the app just as if it was running on their local computer. X.IO sends the graphical output from the app and relays the input signals from the user back to the session, ensuring the highest level of security as the data is never on the user’s device. After the user closes the app, the tunnels are securely torn down and their virtual session is destroyed, removing all traces of any data that existed during the session and ensuring that data will never be left around for other users to access.

X.IO is entirely managed for you – you will never have to deal with scaling or setting up your cloud back-end. What’s more, X.IO is extremely affordable with pricing as low as $0.05 per minute.

X.IO can be seen in action under the Cloud Demos tab above.

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