OctaneRender News

At BCON LA, OTOY and The Render Network announce a new Render Network Proposal (RNP) to bring Blender’s Cycles to the network, with free access to over 2-million Blender users worldwide
OTOY, Roddenberry Entertainment, and Paramount Game Studios are thrilled to launch a major expansion of “The Archive” for Apple Vision Pro: featuring the project’s first fully explorable Klingon ship interiors, the bridge of the U.S.S. Discovery and brand new sections of the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Promenade
Emad Mostaque, Founder and CEO of Stability AI, joins Ariel Emanuel and Beeple on the Render Network’s advisory board, to standardize, develop, and deploy new Gen AI workflows and provenance systems on Render - the industry’s first and largest decentralized GPU computing platform.
OTOY® is proud to unveil the first preview release of Octane 2024 for all platforms, featuring per light denoising, custom OSL AOV post and comp shaders, network rendering between Metal and CUDA devices, hardware accelerated ray tracing for M3 GPUs, and dozens of major features coming in the 2024 release cycle including: meshlets, neural rendering, temporal real time denoising, light field baking and Material X support!