EmberGenFX beta is out today – free for all OctaneRender subscribers!

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LOS ANGELES, CA – July 16th, 2020 — OTOY® and JangaFX are thrilled to release the first public beta of EmberGenFX – bringing incredible real time GPU simulation tools for fire, volumetrics, smoke and particles to all OctaneRender® subscribers.

A full commercial license of EmberGenFX standalone is available – at no extra cost – to all OctaneRender 2020 subscribers during the public beta period.

Upon final release, OTOY subscribers will have the option to upgrade to the full EmberGenFX suite, featuring direct integration of EmberGenFX (and later LiquiGenFX) across all OctaneRender DCC plug-ins – including Blender, Maxon Cinema4D, 3DS Max, Maya, Unity, Unreal, Nuke and many more.

EmberGenFX Public Beta Features:

  • Procedurally-based particle and fluid simulations that bypass intermediate baking processes for real-time, iterative motion graphics workflows and game volumetrics.
  • Export as VDB files for use across all OctaneRender DCC integrations.
  • Support for VDB, PNG, TGA and EXR exports for image sequences and volumes.
  • Full interactive real-time ray-marched volumes in the EmberGenFX viewport during simulation and animation keyframing.

Watch these amazing demos of EmberGenFX from JangaFX, @kreativekow, Roman Schmidt, Nick Seavert and Lino Grandi!

EmberGenFX and OTOY Sculptron are available today as part of the RNDR VFX tools now available for all current OctaneRender 2020 Studio and Enterprise subscribers as well as for OctaneRender Box License holders with an Enterprise maintenance plan.

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