Introducing the Octane Render blog!

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Hi everyone,

Welcome to the Octane Render news blog. We will use this blog to make announcements on new releases and competitions and show off new Octane features (such as instancing) in the form of screens, animations and real-time workflow videos. We also encourage Octane users to provide content for the blog such as tips and tricks and tutorials (send your post to Octane Render support with “blog content” in the subject).

Let’s start off this blog with some experiments that our team has been carrying out during the last weeks to test some of the new features:

Real-time dynamic scene rendering

When an object changes form or position, its ray tracing acceleration structure needs to be rebuild for every frame. This is a time consuming process which used to take several minutes to rebuild the entire scene, severely slowing down animation rendering of scenes with dynamic objects. Octane’s object geometry engine has been thoroughly reworked so that it can now perform scene updates in real-time for moderately complex scenes and interactively for heavy scenes. Below are some videos to illustrate this:

Real-time hand animation:


Real-time preview without materials:


Real-time preview with materials:

Rendered animation:

 Real-time preview with a street background:





Some tests using instancing made by Karba:


Car animation:



Multi-scatter instancing support:


One square km of grass:




The Octane Render team