OTOY Announces Octane X for macOS and iOS at WWDC 2019

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SAN JOSE, CA – June 4rd, 2019 – OTOY, Inc. unveiled Octane X – the 10th anniversary edition of OTOY’s industry leading GPU renderer OctaneRender® at Apple’s World Wide Developer Conference.

Octane X has been rebuilt from the ground up in Metal for the all-new Mac Pro and the latest generation iPad Pro. It is the culmination of a long and deep collaboration with Apple’s world class engineering teams.

“Like so many Octane users, we care about the Mac, passionately. OTOY has been working with Apple to perfect Octane on Metal. We couldn’t be prouder to have Apple reveal the results of this multi-year collaboration to the world today at WWDC.” said Jules Urbach, CEO of OTOY.

“Octane X will be leveraging the unprecedented performance of the new Mac Pro to take interactive and production GPU rendering for film, TV, motion graphics, and AR/VR to a whole new level. Octane X is truly a labor of love, and we can’t wait to get it into the hands of our Mac and iOS customers later this year“ continued Urbach.

Octane X is built on the industry’s first and fastest unbiased GPU render engine, following the laws of physics and light precisely. This makes photoreal CG as in real time is as easy as pointing and shooting a real camera. That means that artists are rendering final frames as fast as they can create them.

OctaneRender kicked off a rendering revolution in 2010 – democratizing real time rendering for millions of artists. Today Octane users are directing Star Wars films, creating Emmy-award winning television and designing the world’s most popular consumer hardware.


Octane X on the new Mac Pro features


  • Peer-to-peer GPU memory pool of at 1/TB second allows production scenes with up to 64 GB of geometry to render at maximum speed in VRAM.
  • 56 Xeon CPU threads with up to 1.5 TB of out-of-core memory surpasses (by far) the maximum scene capacity available on even the most expensive AWS GPU rendering nodes on ORC today.
  • HDR10 native support tuned to Apple’s latest display technology: This allows artists to view final frame renders on Mac Pro at parity with broadcast color correct displays that previously were priced out of reach for most artists.
  • Octane X RNDR server / Mac Pro as a render node: Leveraging 20 GB/s dual interconnect – the Mac Pro approaches infiniband interconnect speeds – and Octane X on Mac Pro will support up to 400 GPUs over network rendering.
  • Octane X for iPad Pro features 100% parity with desktop Octane X for macOS and complements it with new and unique features that will prove indispensable to macOS Octane artists, especially Octane Unity and Unreal Engine users.
  • On the latest iPad Pro, Octane X supports 100:1 hardware ASTC texture compression – a first for production rendering. This enables massive production scenes created on Octane X for macOS to be rendered on the iPad Pro without issue.
  • Octane X for iOS is fully interoperable as a render slave or host with Octane X for macOS.
  • Octane X on iOS securely renders in the cloud when connected to OTOY’s decentralized GPU-rendering network, RNDR.

Octane X will be available for Mac users to try as a preview release later this year.

The final and full commercial release of Octane X Enterprise Edition will be offered as a free license to customers purchasing the new Mac Pro.

Octane X supports integration across all major 3D content creation apps on macOS, including: Unity, Unreal, Autodesk Maya, C4D, Houdini, Blender, SketchUp, Poser, Lightwave, Modo, Nuke, Poser and USD View.

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