OTOY Joins Disney Accelerator to Realize Holographic Storytelling Platform

Topics: Company News

Participation in highly selective Disney Accelerator will bring OTOY’s next generation holographic Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality technology to audiences worldwide.

Disney announced Monday that OTOY will be participating in the 2016 Disney Accelerator. Through the program, our goal is to realize plans to create the first platform for holographic narrative experiences. You can read the full press release here.

When we founded OTOY, our dream was that we could use new technologies to make the creative process effortless. Today, we’re thrilled to announce that we made an exciting step towards this goal by becoming part of the 2016 Disney Accelerator.

We will be immersing ourselves in an intensive mentorship program with leaders from across the Walt Disney Company to pioneer new ways of creating and sharing stories. As part of the Accelerator, we are hoping to get a much deeper understanding of what our users want and how we can build Octane software to uniquely meet their needs.  We are also looking to the future of Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality, developing a new suite of production software that allow animators, filmmakers and designers to create and share remarkable experiences on these new platforms.

For almost a century, Disney has created remarkable stories that shape our childhoods and fondest memories. Disney has also been at the leading-edge of entertainment technology — from creating the first feature-length animated film to inventing the multiplane camera. There will be many late nights and we hope some magic too as we work with Disney on a shared dream of bringing our imaginations to life.