Stability AI, OTOY, Endeavor, and The Render Network Join Forces to Develop Next Generation AI Models, IP Rights Systems, and Open Standards Powered by Decentralized GPU Computing

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Emad Mostaque, Founder and CEO of Stability AI, joins Ariel Emanuel and Beeple on the Render Network’s advisory board, to standardize, develop, and deploy new Gen AI workflows and provenance systems on Render – the industry’s first and largest decentralized GPU computing platform.

LOS ANGELES, CA – Mar 18th, 2024

OTOY, Stability AI, Endeavor, and the Render Network are thrilled to announce a partnership between the industry leaders in open source Generative AI models, media and entertainment, and GPU computing to develop and standardize IP rights, production workflows, and infrastructure around emerging AI technologies.

The partnership leverages Render’s decentralized GPU network, massively scaling AI training and inference power at cost to help democratize open-source, transparent, generative AI technology and provenance systems that will soon impact 3D, VFX and Media production workflows.

Stability AI will join OTOY as member of the Immersive Digital Experiences Alliance (IDEA) to help evolve open standards and protocols for ingesting Gen AI models into 3D workflows – including product design, motion graphics, VFX, composition, spatial, and holographic endpoints – that can be adapted by standards organizations across the media and entertainment ecosystem.

As part of the collaboration, Endeavor will work with Stability AI, the Render Network, and OTOY to develop transparent IP tracking tools for emerging ML models, publishing their research for peer review through IDEA. This work will include usage of OTOY’s LightStage technology – the industry’s leading reflectance-field facial scanning and digital double platform – to produce licensing tools that enable artists to control their likeness and receive royalties for their IP when used in generative AI models.

OTOY and Stability AI will work together to optimize Stability AI’s models to run on the Render Network’s peer-to-peer pool of consumer GPUs, with the ability to feed results back into over 26+ widely used mainstream 3D software tools supported on the network. Native integration of Stability AI models on the Render Network provides a seamless integration of large AI models and 3D content workflows, access to web APIs for third party applications, and the ability to scale to a waitlist of over a million consumer GPUs for building next generation media models.

This includes today’s launch of Stable Video 3D, a state of the art novel view synthesis and 3D generation model. Leveraging the power of the Render Network’s world class decentralized GPU platform, 3D and other media models will both build on compute and community participation. Upcoming models include the hotly anticipated Stable Diffusion 3, the leading image model across a range of tests and new language, code and audio models.

As part of the integration, Stability AI models will leverage provenance systems already established on Render Network – known as Proof-of Render – providing immutable receipts and tracking of all individual components ingested and used for output of computing work on-chain. Through transparent on-chain data, royalty flows for IP and assets used in AI models, as well as their outputs, can be managed using public auditable smart contracts.

Additional details about the partnership will be discussed by Stability AI Founder and CEO Emad Mostaque during Abundance 360 on Monday March 18th, and on March 20th during a keynote talk for the USC VanEck Southern California Blockchain Conference. OTOY Founder and CEO Jules Urbach will speak to the partnership on March 20th at NVIDIA’s GPU Technology Conference (GTC), at NAB on April 16th and in a keynote talk at Beeple Studios Digital Art Death Match on May 4th.

According to Founder and CEO of Stability AI, Emad Mostaque, “I joined the Render Network advisory board to shape the future of decentralized computing and AI. My vision is to build next generation transparent, non-closed source AI models and leveraging the Render Network’s compute infrastructure to help ensure this doesn’t become the domain and provenance of a few centralized players.” Mostaque added, “We must democratize access to this powerful technology to enhance and enable creativity for all while innovating with integrity.”

“AI is profoundly changing the media and entertainment landscape, on par with the Internet and the advent of television,” said Ariel Emanuel, CEO of Endeavor. “Jules and his team have been pushing the boundaries of this kind of technology for more than two decades, before anyone was seriously thinking about GPUs for rendering, data centers, or AI. This partnership is an important step toward helping artists, creators, and rights holders control and manage their work and IP in the age of AI,” added Emanuel.

“Today’s partnership with Stability AI and Endeavor is a milestone that will shape the future of transparent, artist driven AI workflows and tools, powered at scale by decentralized computing, and allow creators and publishers to leverage their work and IP across training, inference, and rendering” said CEO of OTOY and founder of the Render Network, Jules Urbach. “Our mission has always been to democratize emerging technology for artists and creators. To that end, our ongoing collaborative R&D work with Stability AI aims to bring production ready neural rendering to Octane and other 3D renderers in the coming year. And with SV3D, jointly announced between us today, the deep integration of Stability AI’s latest cutting edge 3D and multi-modal models designed and optimized for The Render Network, will also help accelerate the development of next generation AI with 3D production tools for creators.” added Urbach.

“When Octane introduced fast GPU Rendering for artists like me a decade ago, it changed everything. It allowed me to create my 3D everydays in near real time, giving me even greater control over the final image,” said digital artist Beeple. “I am excited for this partnership as I believe image to image AI filters will become an integral part of 3D workflows in the future, unleashing even more creativity and eventually giving artists even greater control over what’s possible. I see so much potential for further improvements to this process and am excited to be working towards this goal in collaboration with Ari, Emad, and Jules,” added Beeple.

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