Test Drive Lamborghini

Topics: OctaneRender

This is an exceptional animation that deserves to be in the spotlight. To celebrate the 50th anniversary of Lamborghini, one of our users (Niuq Cam) produced and directed this stunning animation, which is entirely rendered with Octane (the sound is amazing as well):

– the scene is 100% 3D, all rendered with Octane
– rendered on 4x GTX Titan
– render resolution 1280 x 538 Panavision format (2,39:1)
– average rendertime per frame: from 1 minute for the large shots with the cars to 15 minutes for the helmet shots by night
– over 5.000.000 triangles for both cars
– instances for the landscape

Niuq Cam  is a 3D artist dedicated to sport cars and has created other astounding animations with Octane in the past, like  Test Drive Porsche 911:


the Octane Render team