OctaneStudio+ 2023 Launches with KitBash3D, Greyscalegorilla Plus, MoI 3D and more!

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LOS ANGELES, CA – November 24th, 2022

OTOY® is proud to unveil OctaneStudio+: the largest collection of content, software and services ever offered to OTOY artists – launching in tandem with today’s release of Octane 2022 (and closed beta for Octane 2023 and Octane X for iPad!)

The OctaneStudio+ subscription starts at just €15.99 / month (with Black Friday discount), enabling unlimited network rendering (up to 10 nodes), and includes over 20+ DCC integrations, an annual pass to Greyscalegorilla Plus, a preselected KitBash3D kit every quarter, LightStage scan data and full commercial software licenses to MoI 3D, World Creator, EmberGenFX, Architron, Cascadeur and Sculptron.

All OctaneStudio+ subscribers get priority access to near-unlimited rendering power across millions of GPUs available on the Render Network®.



Greyscalegorilla Plus Annual Pass

  • Full year subscription to the industry’s top motion graphics hub for textures, materials, tutorials and DCC plugins (Limited time offer on annual subscriptions only, redeemable before 12/30 on new Greyscalegorilla Plus subscriptions and returning Black Friday customers).



KitBash3D for Octane

  • KitBash3D, the world’s leading 3D asset library for movies and video games, is hand-selecting one kit from their library each quarter for all OctaneStudio+ subscribers – redeemed via coupons through the KitBash3D store. For Black Friday only, OctaneStudio+ subscribers can also download a free CyberPunk Kit ($199 value).




  • A full commercial license to the version 1.0 release of the industry’s leading real-time GPU simulation toolset is included with all Octane subscriptions through 2023.



World Creator

  • The latest version of the incredible GPU-powered terrain and landscape generator is available to all OctaneStudio+ subscribers and supports custom ORBX export and live linking. For Black Friday only – subscribers get three additional materials libraries: a Base pack, Forest pack, and Ground pack.



MoI 3D

  • The industry’s leading intuitive, hard surface 3D modeling software, used in conjunction with Octane for years – is now included with all subscriptions, with deeper integration to follow in Octane 2023. (See Paul Chadeisson’s beautiful MoI 3D + Octane work above!)




  • The breakthrough AI driven animation and physics animation system for creating physically accurate animations for games and movies without using motion capture technology.



LightStage MetaFace and MetaBody Scans

  • OTOY’s Academy Award-winning digital human scans (continuously updated each month) feature original LightStage data for hundreds of human faces, bodies, and expressions with retopologized meshes.




  • Architron (based on LWCAD) is a Polygonal, NURBS & Boolean modeling creation tool for advanced interiors, exteriors, and architectural visualization in C4D and other DCC packages.




Vectron Ultimate VFX – from Machina-Infinitum

  • Vectron Fractal tutorials, tools, and formulas by Machina Infinitum for next-gen generative rendering pipelines – all you need for creating procedural worlds, abstract shapes, looping animations and surreal environments.



The Render Network

  • Full support and priority access to the world’s largest GPU Rendering service (with Stable Diffusion 2.0, C4D, Redshift and Arnold jobs available in early beta in 2023).


Octane 2023 Features

Octane 2023 introduces Meshlet Streaming and Neural Rendering with Real Time Temporal Denoising.


Features now in development during the Octane 2023.1 Beta:

Octane 2023 (on left) vs. 2022 (on right)

Octane 2023 (right) vs. 2022 (left)

  • Major overhaul to compositor, light linking and per light denoising system
  • Multi-engine rendering ships out of the box with Anime Kernel, Unreal Engine and Pixar Storm – all sharing a MATX standard surface pipeline
  • Headless Metal and CUDA network render interoperability

Subscribe or upgrade today to access the latest in OTOY software, and harness the power of millions of decentralized GPUs on the Render Network.

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