Warner Digital Series, DC Entertainment and OTOY announced work on an immersive entertainment experience that will bring to life the Batcave from the Emmy®-winning Batman: The Animated Series via interactive holographic video.
OTOY Inc. today announced the availability of OctaneRender™ 2.1, the latest version of its advanced real-time rendering software with several improvements and community-requested features.
OTOY Inc., today announced expanded support for OctaneRender™, with new plugins for the Foundry’s NUKE, Side Effects Software’s Houdini™, Autodesk’s MotionBuilder®, and Epic Games’ Unreal Engine 4.

OTOY unveils X.IO App Streaming service

Topics: X.IO

Aug. 12, 2014 (10 years)

OTOY Inc., today announced X.IO App Streaming, a new application virtualization service that instantaneously ports Windows desktop applications to the cloud without needing to modify any code, enabling users to access them on any Internet-connected device, regardless of form factor or platform.
OTOY Inc., today marked a major milestone in the future of media and entertainment, unveiling the world’s first portable 360 holographic capture system and a cloud-based pipeline for creating and deploying holographic media to virtual reality and, in 2015, holographic light field displays.
OTOY Inc. today announced the availability of OctaneRender™ 2, the latest version of the company’s real-time rendering software with more than a dozen new features designed to empower artists, designers, and engineers to create the most realistic renders possible in less time than ever before.
At the annual NAB Show, OTOY Inc. announced new advances in development for its popular OctaneRender™ software that will enable sophisticated editing of computer-generated scenes.
OTOY Inc. announced that it’s bringing its acclaimed OctaneRender™ technology to Adobe After Effects, developing a plug-in that will give video producers new features that improve the quality of their work while simplifying their workflow.
During a presentation at the NVIDIA GPU Technology Conference, OTOY Inc., today previewed the forthcoming version of its acclaimed OctaneRender™ software, showcasing a range of features that will let artists, animators and designers create the most realistic renders possible using a more efficient workflow on their workstations or in the cloud.
At the 2014 Game Developer Conference, cloud graphics pioneer, OTOY Inc., today released the newest update to its acclaimed OctaneRender™ software, introducing new features and flexibility for artists and animators, and a powerful new interchange file format called .ORBX.