Hair rendering test

Topics: OctaneRender

Oct. 16, 2012 (10 years)

A few stunning hair test made with Octane Render. The hair consists of over 1 million polygons. Even with this amount of geometry, Octane's interactivity remains intact.

Falloff node: simple HOWTO

Topics: OctaneRender

Sep. 12, 2012 (10 years)

This is a really basic howto for the new falloff node that is now available in 2.59 beta and upwards. It's mainly designed for those who perhaps have never met falloff before...
Over the past days, we have been doing some real-time tests with the Octane for Max plug-in, involving physics created with MassFX. The tests have shown that the extreme speed of Octane enables the user to update the positions of thousands of objects in real-time while simultaneously rendering the scene at final quality.

Introducing the Octane Render blog!

Topics: OctaneRender

Aug. 20, 2012 (10 years)

We will use this blog to make announcements on new releases and competitions and show off new Octane features (such as instancing) in the form of screens, animations and real-time workflow videos.
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